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Star Wars Ingot Set

Star Wars Ingot Set

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For the fans of Star Wars this is the set for you! 

The ingots available are: 

Only Hope: Seen in episode 4; A New Hope. Depicts Princess Leia downloading the Death Star plans to R2D2. 

Frozen In Carbonite: Seen in Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back.

Depicts Han Solo frozen In Carbonite.  Han had a bounty on his head set by Jabba the Hut, a gangster on Tattoine

Lord Vader Ingot: Seen in Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back, showcases Darth Vader an evil Sith.  

Jabba the Hutt Ingot: Seen in episode 6: Return of the Jedi.  Shows Jabba in his palace. 

The Mandalorian Ingot: Set after Return of the Jedi, depicts a bounty Hunter and Grogu a force sensitive creature being hunted by the Empire. 

Only Hope Ingot: 2.4 (+/-0.1) Troy Ounce 

Frozen In Carbonite Ingot:  2.7 (+/- 0.1) Troy Ounce 

Lord Vader Ingot: 2.5 (+/- 0.1) Troy Ounce 

Jabba the Hut Ingot: 2.5 (+/- 0.1) Troy Ounce 

Mandalorian Ingot:  3.0 (+/- 0.1) Troy Ounce 


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