How do I make sure my silver shot is 999 fine silver??  Well, let me tell you.  

One of the biggest ways that I ensure my silver is 999 fine silver I use a Sigma Metalytics, this is a precious metal verifier, that is primarily used with Gold, Silver, and Platnium.  This machine can test 999, 925, 90% and 80% on silver.  Gold and platinum have the same tests but with different percentages.  

The 2nd way I make sure my silver shot is 999 fine silver, is I go through 1 supplier.  Many people that pour silver or buy silver are looking for the best deal, and when buying silver or anything if the price is to good to be true it usually is.  The suppler that I go through sells to about 90% of the silver, and gold pourers.  His reputation is as solid as a rock. 

Now can the sigma be wrong?   Yes

Sigmas are designed to test coins, and flat surfaces.  If the pour is not completly flat then it will test off the grid.


Using the small wand included with your sigma is a great way of testing it also, and usually you will have to move it around so it get a good "connection".  


What is the best way to test poured silver??  XFR

An XFR is like an X-ray machine for precious metals, it will give you the percentage of the metal compesition and is hands down the best machine to test.  This machine also costs 10,000.00 (USD) so this is out of my budget. 

Here is a YouTube video from Empire Precious Metals that had this issue when he was testing his silver.  

(The pourer mentioned in this video buys his silver from the same place I get mine)