For shipping I will have chosen to use USPS exclusively.   

For all packages in the United States and its territories they will ship  Priority.  This will ensure, fast, and hopefully efficient delivery.  

When you receive the email from me that contains your tracking number, I will bring it personally to the post office and drop it off before, or after work the following day. (possibly same day if post office is open) 

Once USPS has the package it is out of my control at that time. If there is any issues with delivery I will do my best to help resolve the issue, but like I said it is out of my control.  

Holiday times especially Christmas packages do take longer to get to you.  Holiday times for USPS begin October 1st thru February 1st.   

For PayPal customers please ensure that your address is correct on your PayPal account, this is the address that I will ship too.  No exceptions. If you request a different address for delivery I will have to cancel the order, and then the buyer will need to change the address in PayPal and reorder.

Thank you

Murse Metals